DUPAK CORRUGATORS manufactures a wide range of corrugated boxes that are available in plain or printed formats. Our more popular styles include:

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

The most common style of cardboard box. The RSC is made from a single sheet of board, where the outer flaps meet at the centre of the box. The RSC is highly efficient and economical to manufacture because there is very little manufacturing waste.


 Full Flap Slotted Container (FFSC)

This style is again made from a single sheet of board, where the outer flaps overlap the full width of the box. The FFSC is especially resistant to rough handling and ideal for corrugated boxes with relatively narrow widths.


Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

The HSC, with a cover, is a combination shipping and shelf package. The corrugated carton's flaps are located on the bottom of the box. The HSC is handy in applications where the cover will be removed repeatedly.


Five Panel Folder (FPF)

This box is made from one piece of corrugated board with five panels. When assembled, the multi-layered corrugated carton's ends make it an excellent container for the shipment of long items of small diameter.
The FPF design offers extra support to prevent shipped merchandise from piercing through the ends.


Scored and Slotted Tray

These "topless boxes" are excellent for:

- storage boxes
- bottles
- parts containers


Die Cut Cardboard Boxes

Innovative and unique box designs can be created by the use of specifically designed dies. Common corrugated board die cut styles include:


- Bakery products
- Bin Boxes
- Self-erecting Boxes
- Product Display Boxes



These are intersecting sheets of corrugated board that are used to separate items within a box.
Partitions are especially suited to packaging fragile contents and offer additional strength and support to the shipping container.




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